How businesses can rise above the noise when recruiting

With the fierce competition for talent today, it’s important to know how your business can rise above the noise when recruiting.

If businesses want to recruit top talent, they must be ready to compete with other leading companies and rise above the noise. The job market is a crowded place, with the number of vacancies in the UK now at an estimated 870,000 after rising by 16,000* in the three months to January – the highest level since comparable records began in 2001. To ensure that your opportunities are standing out in the sea of vacancies and getting in front of the right people, follow these tips below.


To be recognised as an employer of choice, businesses must go beyond simply posting job adverts. Even if you are offering fantastic opportunities, it’s unlikely that you’ll be reaching the best candidates by just advertising roles when they become available. Instead, it’s important to be creating content all year round, with a mix between employer messaging and thought leadership. This will increase awareness about your brand, and attract candidates that are passionate about your sector and what you do. By being featured in key publications that are popular in your field, you’ll be able to get in front of the individuals that truly care about your industry even those that may not be actively looking for a role, which of course will make for fantastic employees.

While writing content, be sure to keep Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) top of mind. By using key phrases throughout the piece, you’ll increase your chances of being ranked more highly by Google’s algorithm and appearing on the first page.

Social Media

Creating content is certainly a great idea, however, there is still the challenge of getting this seen. Just as there are masses of new vacancies every day, there is also a plethora of new content being produced daily. To make sure that your businesses is rising above the noise, and your content is seen while recruiting talent, it’s important to leverage the power of social media.

By building a loyal social following, you can maximise the chance if your content going straight to your target audience’s feeds and read by those that matter. You can also capitalise on trending hashtags and get involved in discussions that impact your sector.

Developing good connections on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook will also encourage others to share your content with their followers too. It’s good practice to engage with others on the site as well as publishing content regularly in order to maximise your potential to build meaningful connections.

Develop your employer brand

To hire the best people, and truly rise above the noise as a great recruiter and business to work for, you’ll need to enhance your employer brand as well as overall brand. This can be achieved in many ways. For example, by ensuring that you take caution when it comes to the candidate experience, you can reduce the risk of applicants criticising you online, and hopefully even encourage them to try applying again for new positions.

You can also develop your employer brand by having a strong Employer Value Proposition in place. Creating ‘candidate personas’ and surveying your current workforce can help you to determine existing sentiment and identify what your people would truly value when it comes to perks.

Hiring based on cultural fit, rather than solely focusing on skill sets, will also help you distinguish your employer brand, and rise above the noise when it comes to recruiting. Again, personas can help you define what this is for your business.

Perfect job post

Crafting the ideal job post will also help your vacancy stand out amongst the thousands of others on job boards and LinkedIn. Using the right key words, and clearly communicating the key benefits that the business offers, highlighting the perks which are particularly popular right now like flexibility or opportunities for training and development, will ensure that you are being noticed. Be careful to stay away from gender-bias language, as this has been proven dissuade certain groups from applying.

While rising above the noise when recruiting can be difficult, it isn’t impossible. To find out how Blue Moon Recruitment can help you attract candidates and find the best people, get in touch today.